Welcome Tae Ma Website

Welcome Tae Ma Website.

Whit kin ye expect tae find in this site? Well, guid question.  Tae be honest at this point a’ dinnae really ken masel.  Ah’m nae yin ae these geezers tae sit doon and tae ‘hink a plan through afore trying tae implement it.  A’ usually jist get an idea, act on it and then regret it later and so why change the habits ae a lifetime wi’ this site, ken?

So ma plan fur this site is tae jist make it up as a go along and hopefully somehow some way a’ will be able tae make a few bob fae it cause a’ dinnae fancy haein to hae tae git a real job where they expect ye tae be a slave.  That’s no’ ma cup of tea tae say the least.

In the past a’ have written a few poems and songs so a’ guess a’ will try tae write some mare and stick them up here and a’ will make some video blogs as well seeing as hoo every man and his dug is daein a blog these days a’ dinnae wannae be left oot with regard tae that.

No’ that ah’m a follower ae fashion or that it’s jist if there is a way tae make dosh by talkin’ whitever pish comes intae yer brain then a’ dinnae want tae leave it on the table.

Over the years a’ have also videod some ae ma comedian and musician pals and so a’ will stick them up on the site when a’ can be arsed gettin’ aroond tae it as well as some auld videos of masel tryin’ oot some comedy patter live afore a’ got banned fae every club in the country.

A’ would also like tae get intae interviewing some folk as well and maybe even daein a live webcam show noo and again.  We’ll see hoo it goes.

So a’ ‘hink that jist aboot covers it wi’ regard tae an introduction so ah’m gonnae tae the rest of the day off cause let’s face it, a’ve earned it.

Cheers the noo