Paul Sykes Professional Photaes

by Nob Stewart
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A’ met up wi’ ma Photographer pal Paul Sykes again durin’ last years EdFringe fur another days photaeshootin’.

It only took uz 3 hoors but we conjured up ower twa huner photaes between us and a few other performers on the streets ae Edinburgh. Paul wrote some descriptions ae each set on his flickr page which, as he done such a guid job, a’ hiv included below as well as direct links tae each set in the Heading.

He is available fur wurk so dinnae be feart tae approach him as he does a great job an’ is very patient. Well, he has tae be tae wurk wi’ me eh.

Nob On The High Street

Edinburgh never fails to deliver. There is the Castle, the Cathedral the pomp and pageantry and there is Nob Stewart. The Edinburgh Festival superb springboard for Nob to showcase his talents at several venues and on The High Street.


Enjoying Edinburgh Fright Fest

With a friendly guide you can conjure up the spooky atmosphere of Edinburgh’s hidden underground past. The tours to the once shut off and forgotten parts of the city are a great success. Fortunately this ghostly guide was in a sociable scary mood and Nob escaped without scratches and bites.


Better Than An American

Unfortunately on this occasion there was not enough time to definitively answer the question, is Nob Stewart Better Than An American? The title of the show being advertised in these pictures was Are You Better Than An American!?! (Prove it Asshole). The show was on at Opium on the Cowgate, Edinburgh.


The Oxford Gargoyles Jazz a Cappella

On their 9th visit to Edinburgh Nob Stewart catches up with the The Oxford Gargoyles giant on the Royal Mile.


Summer Time for Hitler

It is not at surprising how often Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany crops up at the Edinburgh Festival. The Fringe offers a chance to critique almost any perspective and two iconic time frames that stands tall in our conscience is both World Wars. This is most likely not the last that we will see of Adolf, Nazi Swastikas and uniforms on the Royal Mile.


Dido and Aeneas

Purcell brought baroque to bear on Aeneid and now About Turn bring Dido and Aeneas into World War Two. The operatic version of the tragic love affair of Dido, Queen of Carthage and Aeneas, the Trojan hero calls for nurses in the WWII version. These nurses on call on the Royal Mile were happy to poses with Nob Stewart as their patient!


Live at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The stage is set and the audience ready for another live performance from Nob Stewart. There’s tartan galore with added touches of new and old in styles to proclaim that a Scot is about to let loose in contemporary fashion with a traditional edge. A comedy perspective from Edinburgh to everywhere is unleashed with whit and rhyme to sparkle and to entertain. Far away beyond the stage lights a silent shutter captures a subtle something, and so makes a recording of the performance.


The Importance of Being Earnest

There can always be a twist to a tale and a new sparkle can bring delight and insight. Here the cast of The Importance of Being Earnest show how to act on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Earnest Nob Stewart joins them in a pout off that involved a handbag reference or two!


Randy Ross

A passing chance for a photo opportunity should never be idly overlooked. Randy Ross describes himself as a chronically-single guy who whilst travelling around the world is looking for the woman of his dreams. I only needed to travel to Edinburgh to meet Randy and enjoy taking these shots on the Royal Mile. Fortunately Nob Stewart was ready to strike a pose and exchange performer details before the clock struck time to move on to next venue.


Balloons and Tartan Voca People

The Voca People are very friendly aliens who say they come from the planet Voca. This planet is said to be somewhere behind the sun and on Voca all communication is made by music and vocal expressions. Their bright white appearance and lighter than Earth atmosphere balloons gave them a striking image on the Royal Mile. Nob Stewart was happy to introduce some tartan to the Voca People in these photographs.


Front And Centre Stage

These pictures show Nob Stewart front and centre stage for his comedy performance at the Edinburgh Festival. For one month each year Edinburgh hosts the world’s largest arts festival. There are performance galore and advertising is splashed all around the city. There is a great atmosphere and yet it also hard work. Somewhere interwoven in the planning, the anticipation and the performance is the magic of the stage making it all spectacularly worthwhile.


Making An Entrance At Pivo

As one door closes another opens, sometimes there’s a pause and an impromptu photo shoot. Nob Stewart paused on leaving Pivo after finishing one successful gig on his way to another. There was lights, cameras and action as shutters clicked and poses were struck. Now with a touch of virtual light the edits are released through a door onto the world wide web.


Shout The Mod Musical

Without a doubt the cast of Shout: The Mod Musical from Boheme Productions were not deterred by the rain. As the heavens opened it was the cue for many to leave the Royal Mile. When the going gets atmospheric there is a distinct quieting to the advertising proceedings in the open air. Waterproof Nob Stewart and I were on hand to record a little of the dampened proceedings.


A Ladder From The Dolls Of New Albion A Steampunk Opera

Nob Stewart and a ladder from the stage musical adaptation of Paul Shapera’s album, The Dolls of New Albion: A Steampunk Opera. It is a musical in four acts following different generations of the ill-fated McAlistair family. When lonely scientist Annabelle revives her dead love Jasper, placing him inside a life sized mechanical doll, her actions set into motion an escalating series of unhappy events that alter New Albion (and the McAlistair family) forever. As the generations pass, the dead roam the city. Join us in this struggle for love, sacrifice and Elysium.


In Company of The Bancroft’s Players

The rain came down but the promoting continued. The Bancroft’s Players‘ were on The Royal Mile advertising their show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Stephen Sondheim’s Company was a success for them and the cast pictured here made some great photographs for Nob Stewart as he progressed to his venue.


In a Down Pour

Pour was given a world premiere at the Churchill Theatre Studio in Morningside at the Endinburgh Fringe Festival. The cast were well outfitted in wellies and waterproofs when the rain set in on the High Street. The rain brought out a Saltaire brolly and a stroke of lightening from the camera mounted flash. Nob Stewart had a particularly involved way of holding on to his brolly that captivated these cast members of Pour.


Skywalker Turns To The Darkside

It was a touching family reunion at Hunter Square when a dark helmed trombonist told Nob that he was his father. It didn’t last long before the confusion was cleared up and Darth Vader was off the sky hook. He may have rejected the way of the Jedi, but Vader is certainly feeling the force of the trombone. Nob after the initial shock rallied with a fine rendition on inflatable sax


Great Artists Steal

Pablo Picasso is said to have stated, “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Great Artists Steal was the title of the show being advertised. The actors on The Royal Mile could certainly make, or steal a scene with their brilliant attention grabbing make-up and superb theatrical techniques. It was a pleasure to have a moment stolen by Theatraverse who willingly borrowed Nob Stewart as a prop for their impromptu artistic endeavours.


Better Than The National Loaf

I have it on high authority, from Nob Stewart himself, that he is the best thing since sliced bread. That being so it was great to see him catch up with the ladies of National Loaf. The ladies of National Loaf state their daily bread is vital, delicious and nutritious. I believe that claims can be made for Nob Stewart being even more universally celebrated than the National Loaf!


Broken Holmes Upper Lip

Grip a theme, clip a phrase, flip a meme, chip your shoulder and dip your toe in the world of of Upper Lip. When you have a butler, a kazzoo and a banjo what else would you expect? Don’t slip, or trip if you lead with the Upper Lip simply skip over a blip and rip off a quip this is my tip for now, toodle pip.


Big Brass

The Big Brass banners stretched the sky and caught the rain and the sunshine that followed the rain. The heralds of a new sketch show held out against the elements. Advertising on The Royal Mile is never easy, but with an icon banner and a resilient attitude it can pay off.


Not Like That Just Like That

With a quick change from a portrait of Nob Stewart and Tommy Cooper we get a landscape of Tommy Cooper and Nob Stewart. Not like that portrait then have a landscape orientation just like that. The sun and the sky were magically setting the scene for a tribute to Tommy Cooper to bring memories of that magician to back to life in Edinburgh.


In On And Around The Mound Edinburgh

The Mound in Edinburgh was created artificially. These photographs were created organically. A wander between venues with Nob Stewart creates many photo opportunities. Here is a glimpse into one such wander.


The Jedi You Are Looking For

May the force be with you when you only load three photographs? This Strom Trooper had his hands full with the Phantom Menace Nob Stewart. Fortunately the proud Scottish Flag wearing blaster totting Storm Trooper got his sights zeroed in before The Force Awakened.


Wise-L Leathermonk A Duet On The High Street

After the rain the sun came. The evening sun set the scene for a harmonious duet. The improvised moves caused quite a stir. Almost as soon as the magic began it was over. The pictures here may be the only record of this quite magnificent spontaneous event.


Solo Sax On The Royal Mile

The sun grew stronger and warmer as it set in the west. Standing east of the sun taking in the bright illumination was Nob Stewart. He inflated his sax and took to the cobbles to deliver an impassioned solo.


The People You Meet on The High Street

Edinburgh is a great place to be in August if you have time to enjoy the throng on the High Street. From street performance to strange advertising with a twist of almost everything imaginable there are great wonders to explore and great shows to see. Here is a little of the hullabaloo you find on the Royal Mile. On this day I was with Nob Stewart as I followed him to his next gig to take pictures of that performance. Nob makes for a great photo opportunity at any given moment.


Ye kin view aw the photaes taken by Paul in both 2011 and 2014 in twa big slideshows by goin’ tae the Photaes page.

A’m lookin’ forward tae wurkin’ wi’ Paul again, although the budget is a bit ticht these days, so a’ dinnae ken if a’ will make the Fringe this year. Still, ye never ken. A’ll keep ma fingers crossed that a win the lottery a’ never buy a ticket fur. Ye kin aye’ways dream.

Cheers the noo!

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