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by Nob Stewart
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A’richt folks, how’s it hangin’?  Cool, aye? Guid.

Noo as a’ sort of introduction tae ma site and whit ah’m a’ aboot this video ae ma website presentation is a pretty guid yin tae start wi’.  Fur a start nae’yin threw any’hin at me which is aye’ways a bonus.  

Ye see, ma first Nob Stewart website wiz the result ae a course a’ done through the brew wi’ a company called Net Resources in Edinburgh.  So this video is the presentation we had tae dae after we completed oor 6 week project so that the company could justify gettin’ mare funding fae the government.

The main teacher who introduces me is called Stef and there wiz another geezer who worked there called Roan and the American lady who ran the company wiz called Sara.  A’ tell ye this cause a’ refer tae them a few time durin’ ma presentation.

On their website, Stef gave me a very good review of this presentation which read:-

And last but by no means least. Nob Stewart. A barnstorming and unique performance that will be remembered for a long long time. Nob, the weird illegitimate child of Scotland. Part Rod Stewart, part Tennants, Part haggis and all abuse! Everyone was rolling in the isles for his performance, more stand-up than presentation. Truly a great talent and one to keep an eye out for. My favourite part of his show? His description of his key milestones "My first milestone was getting Stef to do my design, my second milestone was getting Roan to do my code". Priceless.

The Photaes

Cheers the noo


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